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Go the Laparoscopic Way for Removal of Your Gallbladder!

Why is Surgery for Gallbladder Removal required? The gall bladder is located in the upper region of your belly and it stores bile, an enzyme produced by the liver. This enzyme helps in breaking down fatty foods. Surgery is required to be performed if your gallbladder develops gallstones. Gallstones are said to occur due to […]

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Eating A Low GI Diet for Increased Energy Levels

Are you ready to hear the one lifestyle change I’ve made that has improved my energy levels more than any other? Hold on to your seats: It was switching over to a Low GI Diet. Intro to Low GI Diet Low GI (or Low Glycemic Index) is a diet that emphasizes eating foods that are […]

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Does Your Heart Stop When You Sneeze: What’s the Truth?

You already know how it feels to sneezing – you sense that threatening tickle in the back of your nose first followed by the gasping intake of breathing and a cathartic blast in the end. Anything that irritates your nasal passages could allow you to sneeze. Discomfort in your nasal passages signals the brain, and […]

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